Maderotherapy / Wood Therapy

Have your body sculpted to proportions and shapes that you’ve always wanted

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Dragonfly Skin Spa - Maderotherapy

Maderotherapy (Wood Therapy)

Maderotherapy, also known as wood therapy, is a form of massage using a variety of wooden handheld tools designed to reach deep tissue and help battling body shape concerns. The usage of wood tools means the therapy is fully holistic and eliminates a possibility of unwanted skin reactions. Since Maderotherapy is a form of massage, you will get advantage of all the benefits of a classic massage, such as relaxation and tension release, plus visibly reduced cellulite and tightened body. Through the vigorous use of the wooden rolling pins and suction cups this technique is a fantastic manual body sculpting method. Maderotherapy will also help remove toxins from your body by draining lymphatic nodes. For maximised results we recommend at least 10-12 monthly sessions, however a single session can also be booked.

1 session
10 sessions