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Floatation Tank Therapy in Leeds

A floatation tank is simply a large tank of water filled with large quantities of concentrated Epsom salt. The high content of salt increases the density of water and its buoyancy so that the user can float effortlessly. The key aspect of the floatation tank is achieving deep relaxation through sensory deprivation. The pod is dark and quiet, the air and water temperature are adjusted to match that of skin temperature and the saltiness of water provides full buoyancy of the body strengthening the sensation of being suspended in the air. Limiting all those external stimuli paired with the feeling of zero gravity allows the user to slip into a meditative state similar to the one just before falling asleep. The science behind sensory deprivation has shown that floatation therapy stimulates the transition of alpha and beta brainwaves into theta - slower frequency brainwaves occurring naturally when one is drifting off to sleep or in a state of deep relaxation. Theta waves seem to help learning and creativity, and the theta state is usually associated with a positive mental state.

Main benefits from regular use of the flotation tank include and are not limited to:
- Deep relaxation
- Release of endorphins
- Enhanced mental clarity
- Decreased fatigue and stress
- Relief with some aches, pains and strains
- Relief with muscles and joints
- Relief with pregnancy pains
- Increased blood circulation and reduced blood pressure
- Improved sleep
- Expanded awareness and heightened senses

45 minutes
1 hour
1 hour 30 minutes
2 hours
5 sessions (cannot be shared)

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